Friday, April 5, 2013

Upcoming Historical Non-Fiction Release! Secrets of the Knights Templar: A Chronicle 1129-1312 by Susie Hodge

Publication Date: December 3rd 2013
Format: Hardcover 384pp

Synopsis (From the Publisher):
"Informally organized in 1119 to protect pilgrims on their journeys to visit the Holy Land, and officially sanctioned by the Catholic Church in 1129, the medieval Knights Templar grew into an elite fighting force that played a central role in the battles of the Crusades. They were highly trained, well equipped, and unafraid to take up the sword to defend the church at the limits of western civilization. 
Secrets of the Knights Templar is the compelling chronicle of the warrior monks and their fight to defend the Catholic faith, and of their participation in the efforts to vie for control of the Holy Land with the Muslim armies of Kurdish military genius Saladin and his successors. Though they were initially celebrated for their military acumen and acts of bravery, the once-celebrated order was eventually dismantled in disgrace, accused of political crimes as well as crimes against the faith. 
With its concise, authoritative, and accessible narrative—amplified by extensive citations from contemporary sources, and accompanied by generously captioned and stunning images of the period—Secrets of the Knights Templar brings a distant era of history dramatically and vividly to life. It is the perfect gift for anyone with a love of medieval, religious, or military history."


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