Sunday, March 21, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

Since The Sunday Salon is closed to new members, I have created my own weekly event of Suddenly Sunday! Feel free to join in the fun, just link back to this blog :)

Well this week did not turn out to be as crazy as I thought it would! I still had company from out of town twice but it was really fun and relaxed. The weather this past week was perfect, and if I didn't before, I definitely have spring fever now :)

Even though my week was busy, I somehow managed to post two reviews! 

My mailbox was very happy this week with some great books for review:

Today is the start of the newest event over at HFBRT! "Elizabeth Chadwick's The Secret Lion" is this weeks exciting event & giveaway. Throughout the week there will be creative posts, reviews, author interviews and so much more. To learn more about this great event, visit their website:

Don't forget to check out the awesome giveaway I have going on here on my blog. The very generous and talented Michelle Moran has offered to give one lucky winner an autographed copy of Cleopatra's Daughter and one authentic Roman coin! You can enter in the giveaway here:  Cleopatra's Daughter & Roman Coin Giveaway.

Have a great week everyone & happy reading!


Joanne said...

Lucky you to get a copy of Edith Pargeter's new release of The Brothers of Gwynedd. It looks beautiful! Is it the quartet, or an individual title?

Svea Love said...

It is the quartet. I will be reading it for the "Summer Reading Group" with some fellow historical fiction bloggers. I am really looking forward to reading it :)

Blodeuedd said...

I am reading Pargeter too :D Will see ya there

Marg said...

I will be reading The Brothers of Gwynedd too! I am very much looking forward to it.

My Suddenly Sunday post is here

Carrie Callaghan said...

Those books look like they're going to be interesting reviews - I look forward to reading them!

Dana said...

Haha, I totally feel you on spring fever - the weather was perfect all last week, but now it's turned to rain and it's just depressing :( Your new books look really good, I hope you enjoy them!

Jenny Girl said...

Excellent! And I promise to participate next Sunday! Enjoy the remainder of your week.