Saturday, August 27, 2016

Upcoming Release: A Want of Kindness by Joanne Limburg

A Want of Kindness by Joanne Limburg
Publication Date: December 6th, 2016
Format: Hardcover pp

Synopsis (From the Publisher): 
"Unfolding in the heady world of the glittering Restoration court, A Want of Kindness follows an expendable princess on her unlikely progress to becoming queen, through the religion, politics, disease, deceit, and treachery of the time. 
The wicked, bawdy Restoration court is no place for a child princess. Ten-year-old Anne cuts an odd figure: a sickly child, she is drawn towards improper pursuits. Cards, sweetmeats, scandal, and gossip with her Ladies of the Bedchamber figure large in her life. But as King Charles' niece, Anne is also a political pawn, who will be forced to play her part in the troubled Stuart dynasty.Transformed from overlooked princess to the heiress of England, she will be forced to overcome grief for her lost children, the political maneuverings of her sister and her closest friends, and her own betrayal of her father, before the fullness of her destiny is revealed.In A Want of Kindness, Limburg has created a richly realized time and world, and in Anne (who would have turned 350 in 2015), a complex and all-too-human protagonist."


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