Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Finds at the Bookstore: The Miracle Thief by Iris Anthony

This Friday I am excited to share the latest book by Iris Anthony: The Miracle Thief. Her first book, The Ruins of Lace (read my review), was a brilliant debut still remains on my list of highly recommended titles. 

The Miracle Thief by Iris Anthony
Publication date: 4/1/2014
Pages: 384

Synopsis (From the Publisher):
"Do you believe in miracles? 
Sister Juliana does. She's seen miracles happen as she tends Saint Catherine's altar and guards her relic. Yet she doesn't quite dare to believe that even Saint Catherine could help her atone for her wicked past. 
Anna does. And she so desperately needs one. In a time when a deformity is interpreted as evidence of a grievous sin, in a place where community is vital to existence, Anna has no family, no home, and no master. 
Princess Gisele wants to. A miracle is the only thing that can save her from being given to a brutal, pagan chieftain in marriage. 
For those who come in faith, saints offer the answer to almost any prayer. But other forces are plotting to steal Saint Catherine's relic, to bend the saint's power to their own use. Penitent, pilgrim, princess — all will be drawn into an epic struggle where only faith can survive. But in a quest for divine blessing, only the most ruthless of souls may win the prize."


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