Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Winter's Respite Read-A-Thon


                                                                           Ok, I have always failed miserably with any read-a-thon I have ever attempted, but this time I am determined to do well! I am setting a goal for myself, which shall be to read four books during these seven days of reading; though I am hoping I shall exceed my expectations, but let's not get too carried away just yet, lol.

If you wish you join in this read-a-thon, you can sign up over at  The True Book Addict which is hosted by Michelle.

I will list the books on this post as I finish them, with the reviews coming after.

My Current Progress:

  1. - Lily of the Nile by Stephanie Dray
  2. - India Black by Carol K. Carr
  3. -
  4. -


1 comment:

Michelle Stockard Miller said...

So glad you're joining me for the read-a-thon! Looks like you have a good goal set for yourself. Hope you have fun reading!

Love your layout and header. Gorgeous!