Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shakespeare Reading Challenge 2011


Yet another reading challenge for 2011 :) I am really excited about this one. I have been wanting to read and reread some of Shakespeare's plays for a while now, so this is perfect! The Shakespeare Reading Challenge is hosted by Elena and is hosted on its own webpage. Here are the details:

First off, the Levels:

1. Puck: Read 4 plays over the year, 1 of which may be replaced by a performance
2. Desdemona: Read 6 plays, 2 of which may be replaced by a performance
3. Henry V: Read 12 plays, 3 of which may be replaced by a performance

Now, the Rules:

1. All plays must be read between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011. Anything begun before that cannot be included.
2. Audio versions are also acceptable but all plays must be unabridged.
3. You don't need to list your plays ahead of time but you may, if you'd like.
4. Review pages for each month will be created but are optional.

I will be updating my status here on this post. You can easily find it via the "Challenges" page tab at the top of this blog, or by clicking the Challenge Picture on the left hand side of this blog.

My Goal: Desdemona: Read 6 plays
My Progress:

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. -
  5. -
  6. -



(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

This is one challenge I should join as I have not read any Shakespeare since college. Have fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and hope you have fun with all of your challenges.

Elena said...


Welcome to the challenge! I hope you enjoy your reading.

Anonymous said...

I have not read Shakespeare, good luck on the challenge!

Hi, I'm your newest follower from Fun Follow Friday! I would love for you to follow me back!

Lana said...

I'm eager to see how you end up enjoying this challenge. I'm planning on a (I think bi-weekly) Shakespeare on Sunday feature over at A Hoyden's Look at Literature - covering plays, films, spin-offs and re-tellings. I really love the Bard and hope that others will see how multi-faceted and inspiring his work can be!

Jenny Girl said...

I haven't read Shakespere since highschool. Great idea for a challenge but not sure I can fit this one in. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year, Svea!

Good luck and have fun with all the upcoming challenges, reading or otherwise.

Svea Love said...

Thank you all for the good luck wishes!

StephanieD: Happy New Year to you too!

Lana: I will have to come over and check out your Sunday feature! Thanks for letting me know :)

Mrs. Marine: Thanks for becoming a follower! I look forward to sharing some great books with you :)

Elena: I am looking forward to it; thanks for hosting!