Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Finds at the Bookstore: The Gentleman Poet by Kathryn Johnson

Pub. Date: September 2010
Format: Paperback 319pp

Synopsis: (From the Publisher)
"En route to the Americas in 1609, Elizabeth Persons, a young servant girl, sees her blinding headache as an ominous sign. Sure enough, a hurricane during the final leg of their journey tosses the ill-fated Sea Venture and its one hundred and fifty passengers and crew onto the dreaded shores of the Bermudas, the rumored home of evil spirits and dangerous natives. In the months that pass—time marked by grave hardship, mutiny, adventure, danger . . . and a blossoming love between Elizabeth and the wrecked ship's young cook—she despairs of their ever being rescued. But she finds hope and strength in a remarkable new friendship, forming a fast bond with the Sea Venture's historian, a poet traveling under the name of William Strachey. But Will is more than he seems. To many back home in England, he is known by a different name: Shakespeare. And he sees in their great shared travails the makings of a magical, truly transcendent work of theater."


Blodeuedd said...

Kind of just goes hm with this one

Misha said...

Never heard of the book before! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Ooh- a book about the making of The Tempest - cool!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful your genre.

First-time follower here and on Twitter.

Hopping by..

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Elizabeth said...

I have to post again...I absolutely love your blog. Great books and organization. :)

Kelly F. said...

I randomly found your blog looking at Hist-Fic Chick, and I'm really likeing it. I love Historical fiction, and I'm always looking for new blogs about it. I've never heard of this book, and it looks really good! Thanks for the review I definitely have to add it to my tbr list! If you have time come check my blog out, I just joined the blogging community =)


Elizabeth said...

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