Sunday, April 11, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

Since The Sunday Salon is closed to new members, I have created my own weekly event of Suddenly Sunday! Feel free to join in the fun, just link back to this blog :)

Good morning everyone! I hope your week has been good and that you had some lovely spring weather. I have been completely mixed up this week with my dates. On Friday I thought it was Tuesday, on Saturday I thought it was today and so it continued; hopefully this week will be a bit better LOL. The weather still does not want to make up its mind, but when it did choose to be nice, my little girl and I had a blast having picnics at the park :) I am definitely looking forward to watching the Tudors tonight! Therefore I am going to try and catch up on some reading so I can relax and completely enjoy it. I think this just might be one of my longest Suddenly Sundays so lets get started...

I had the pleasure of being apart of the Mistress of Rome blog tour this week! Here are all the events that took place on my blog:

I did not receive any books for review this past week, which is probably a good little break since I have a large list of ARC's to complete. Of course I could not resist the temptation of obtaining at least one book for the week, so...I checked out my local used bookstore and was happy to find some good stuff! 
I know I know, I bought more then one book, but they were such great finds and it was a bit of a treat for me since I have not purchased a book since January! (That is the longest I have ever gone without buying a book LOL)

Coming up this week, I will be hosting part of The Queen's Pawn blog tour! Be sure to check back Monday and Tuesday for my book review followed by a great interview with the author, Christy English.

I have been so honored to be the recipient of some lovely awards recently so I want to take a moment to send a big thank you to those who thought of me:

Thank you so much to The Critic from Books, their movies and a writers life for giving me this stylish Award! 

Here are the rules for accepting this award: To accept the award I must share 7 things about myself and pass the award on to 5 other blogs I've newly discovered. Here are 7 things about myself:
  1. When I was young, my favorite books were The Boxcar Children and Nancy Drew. 
  2. I love brussel sprouts :) 
  3. My favorite version of Pride & Prejudice is the 1940 film with Greer Garson & Lawrence Olivier. 
  4. Medieval England is my favorite time period to read about. 
  5. The mystery of Anastasia Romanov has fascinated me ever since I saw the Fox's animated video "Anastasia" when it came out. Ever since, I devour anything I can read about her. (I just looked up when that movie came out...1997! How can it have been 13 years ago...what grade was I in then lol.) 
  6. I love to go to Disneyland!!! 
  7. I sing first soprano and my favorite type of music to sing is opera and anything from the 40's.
Ok, now for those I will pass this award along to...
Ana T. @ Aneca's World
Stephanie D @ Misfit Salon

A huge thank you to Marie from The Burton Review for bestowing me with this beautiful award! Marie has a great blog, full of enlightening reviews and interesting creative posts so be sure to take a look.

Here are the rules for accepting this award: If you are awarded, here are the rules: Make a new post and add a link to the person who gave it to you. Pass this award on to 15 bloggers you've recently discovered and whom you think are fantastic. State 7 things about yourself!

Do you really want to know seven more things about me? Hmmm...I wonder if I can even come up with anything this late at night :)
  1. I have a very sarcastic sense of it is good that my husband does too :)
  2. I am very patriotic!
  3. I am a girlie girl but at the same time love to do all kinds of things that require getting dirty, i.g. fishing (egg bait worms, I will not go that far! lol), changing oil in the car, hiking etc.
  4. History was always my favorite subject in school, world history and everything leading up to the civil war...after that only certain events pique my interest.
  5. I knew I wanted to name my daughter Belle since age six.
  6. I love to write and am currently in the process of writing a historical fiction novel!
  7. I am a night owl and can stay up much much later then my husband. 
I can not believe I cam up with seven more things! Now, after rambling about myself, here those I will pass this award on to:
Celtic Lady @ Celtic Lady's Reviews

I am so excited to be participating in Stephine Cowell's blog tour for her newest book Claude and Camille! My part in the tour will not be until May, but while I wait for this event to reach my blog, I have been thoroughly enjoying reading all the creative posts and reviews over at the newest HFBRT event which started last week and will run through Tuesday. You can view everything that has been going on for this event by visiting their website:

Don't forget to check out my two current giveaways!

Have a wonderful week everyone and happy reading!