Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: The Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullany

Synopsis: (From the Publisher)

 "Regency heiress Philomena Wellesley-Clegg has rather strong opinions about men and clothing. As to the former, so far two lords, a viscount, and a mad poet have fallen far short of her expectations. But she is about to meet Inigo Linsley, an unshaven, wickedly handsome man with a scandalous secret. He's nothing she ever dreamed she'd want—why then can she not stop thinking about how he looks in his breeches?
A delightful marriage of Pride and Prejudice with Bridget Jones's Diary, Janet Mullany's The Rules of Gentility transports us to the days before designer shoes, apple martinis, and speed dating—when great bonnets, punch at Almack's, and the marriage mart were in fashion—and captivates us with a winsome heroine who learns that some rules in society are made to be broken."

My Review:

Philomena Wellesley and Inigo Linsley are two very opinionated people who have a certain dislike for each other from the start. Although they might irritate one another, they do have one thing in common, the desire to evade their disagreeable marriage prospects. When one of Philomena's suitors finally manages to gain her fathers blessing for their marriage, she is distraught. To her immense and shocking pleasure, Inigo swiftly proposes a false engagement, which will give them both a means to find their own happiness...

As Philomena and Inigo act out their false engagement, they start to realize it might be a bit more difficult then they first expected. As secrets are revealed and emotions run high, even more is at stake then when they began this charade; for now, their hearts have been thrown in the mix...

With unspoken feelings, denied passions and devastating misunderstandings, hearts are broken and rash actions are taken. Philomena soon finds herself in a dire situation with no hope for escape, but when Inigo learns of her plight he will risk everything to save and win back the woman he just might have fallen in love with...

This was a cute and delightful read. Told from the perspective of both Philomena and Inigo, it gave the reader a chance to have a complete and satisfying vision of the story. Another enjoyable aspect of the book were the witty comments. There were many subtle remarks and thoughts that were amusing and often I found myself laughing throughout. Although this is an easy read with a more basic plot, the end did have a few unexpected twists that not only brought new information but completed some random events in the beginning, creating a very satisfying conclusion. I am exceedingly happy that I chose to read this book after having it for so long; it was just the type of book to read on a relaxing spring day.

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