Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

Since The Sunday Salon is closed to new members, I am creating my own weekly event of Suddenly Sunday! Feel free to join in the fun, just link back to this blog :)

At this moment I think the title of this post is 100% is it suddenly Sunday? I am sitting here typing this post while being very distracted by the Olympics, but it's only on every two years so I guess it's ok to be distracted.

I posted my review for Island of the Swans by Ciji Ware this week and was very excited to follow it up with a great interview with Ciji Ware. You can view the review and interview here: 

My reading has been a little slow this week after being out of town. My baby came down with a cold today, so tomorrow I will probably get caught up on some reading while we sit on the couch watching Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and other classics.

If you have not heard yet, HFBRT just started their newest event: The Secret of the Glass by Donna Russo Morin. This event will run February 21st - 28th. You can check it out on their website: Historical Fiction Round Table. I am really looking forward to all their creative posts!

 Don't forget to enter my giveaway for this month, it ends March 1st: The Boleyn Wife giveaway

Have a great week everyone and happy reading!


CMash said...

What a beautiful blog !!! I am one of your new followers. Am looking forward to all your future postings.

Misfit said...

"Since The Sunday Salon is closed to new members,"

WTF? Personally, I like your idea much better. Not the same old same old same old.

Svea Love said...

Misfit- Thanks! I was actually quite happy to use my own picture for this event...never really liked the plain sun that much.

Mash1195- Glad to have you here, thanks for following :)

Dana said...

Such a good idea! I started my blog right when the Sunday Salon stopped accepting new members, so I like your idea! I love the button!

Anonymous said...

Suddenly Sunday is spot on, coupled with Ugggh - the weekend is almost over!

Joanne said...

Very pretty meme, Muse! I look forward to participating in Suddenly Sundays.

Hope your baby is feeling well soon -- nothing like snuggles on the couch and Disney movies to make a little one feel better. :)

A Bookshelf Monstrosity said...

Way to take the bull by the horns! I love your Sunday idea.

Katy said...

Fun! I love your button for Suddenly Sunday! If I can get my act together, I'll try to participate. :)

I hope your babe feels better soon, and that you get a lot of reading done tomorrow!

Svea Love said...

I'm so glad you all like my "Suddenly Sunday" weekly event...and button :) Glad some of you are thinking about participating too. The more the merrier!!!

Joanne & Katy- Thank you for the kind words for my baby :) At least I get extra cuddle time with her when she is sick!

Sarai said...

Huh I might have to try this one tomorrow! I've been looking for something to post on Sundays!

I hope the baby feels better! I work at a children's hospital and I feel so bad for the parents when their babies are sick!