Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jean Plaidy Reading Challenge 2010

So I am already doing seven challenges...whats one more??? I might be crazy for joining number eight but after having read so many great reviews of Jean Plaidy's works, I just had to join this reading challenge.

Plaidy Challenge 2010

Royal Intrigue is hosting a Jean Plaidy reading challenge for 2010. The object is to read as much Jean Plaidy as you can and report back here with your numbers. Prizes go to the top readers and we'll be giving out awards to all challengers at the end of the year! 

After I finish reading a novel and post my review, I will then catalog it in this original post. This challenge button will always be on my sidebar, so you can check my progress at anytime. All of the challenge participants reviews will also be posted on the hosts website, Royal Intrigue.



D. Leigh said...

I don't believe I have read a Jean Plaidy book! I am shocked! Guess when I visit the library next I'll check one out! Thank you so much for pointing her out!

Good luck to you in the 2010 Jean Plaidy challenge!!!!

Joanne said...

Hi, Muse -- I have a few Jean Plaidy books on my TBR that have been there for quite a while. I may just have to join this challenge to get me to read those books!

Good luck with all of your challenges!

(P.S. - I LOVE her books written under the name Victoria Holt; I read all of them in high school and they were favorites.)

VR Barkowski said...

Jean Plaidy's Katharine of Aragon novel - or novels, I guess, three novels/one volume - are outstanding. I envy the woman's prolificacy. Like Joanne, I was a huge Victoria Holt fan in high school. In fact, I credit VH with turning me into a voracious reader.

Please stop by my blog when you can. I have a little something for you. :) http://vrbarkowski.blogspot.com/

Jenny Girl said...

I did this last year and only read 2. However I am going to join again this year because I do like her books. Plus Lucy, Arleigh and the gang are sweethearts. Good luck!

Veronica Denville said...

I could get only one plaidy that was "queen of diamonds".